• Need a Los Angeles Acting Agent???

  • Need a Los Angeles Acting Manager???

  • Need More Meetings With the Industry Players Who Can Actually HIRE You???

The mission of AMP Subs is to get its Los Angeles-based actor clients meetings with

1) Agents and Managers that suit their current needs and

2) Producers who can legitimately hire them for acting roles.

We’re actors who understand what it’s like to spend countless hours, frustrating weeks, discouraging months – sometimes even soul crushing years! – trying to get great representation and worthwhile meetings. Since we’ve had success with systems like this, we decided to help our fellow actors find that first-class representation we all deserve!

AMP Subs is a hard copy headshot submission service

for Los Angeles-based actors

who want extra help in securing great representation.

We submit your hard copy headshot and resume to:

  • approximately 50 LA agents and managers per month
  • producers who are currently working on LA based projects
  • for a grand total of about 60-75 headshots each month

When they get a thick, juicy package with several headshots from AMP Subs, they’ll open it right up and hopefully call you in!

Once per month, AMP Subs will email you labels that you can use to follow up with each of the people that we’ve submitted your headshot to.  We HIGHLY recommend doing this – it’s just a good business practice.

Need more reasons to use our headshot submission service?

Ready to join the AMP Subs family?

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